Monday, January 10, 2011

Im back, with a warning and many changes

Okay, So after being gone for an insane amount of time from here i will try to start back up, complete with typos and bad grammar.

Ill start by saying I am no longer affiliated with Glittersniffer Cosmetics. No this is not me beating a dead horse. This is me posting this for anyone whos following my blog, but not my facebook or youtube.
Glittersniffer Cosmetics was using unsafe ingredients in their products, including soap dyes that are labeled "NOT SAFE FOR COSMETIC USE" without us knowing. I among many others was metaphorically blinded by the bright colors and giant selection GS had, when the whole time we might actually could have been going blind for real. This was not all that was going on, among the ingredients, GS was also accused of unsanitary conditions. They also were not just accused, but found guilty by many of us loyal customers to have dropped dangerously low in customer service. Many people are out Hundreds of dollars in product never received, also now in product unsafe.
If you have any GSC I urge you to please ask them for the recall list and file for a refund, or at least stop using these pigments.
That all being said, all blogs and tuts were deleted.

ANYWHO on to good news. My perfume woman, Mo Love of Madd Style Designs, has now switched over to be Madd Style Cosmetics! and she makes pigment, perfumes, and crazy awesome lippies! All products have ingredient listings and are made in a sanitary way! Also, none are repacks! Miss Mo mixes all her own!
NOW, I will be working on re stocking my supply of makeup, and of tutorials! I filmed one today but i cant promise it will be up any time soon.

As many of you may not know if you dont follow my facebook, im now a part time nanny on top of everything else! haha, so well... we will see!
Im honestly hoping to get back on the ball of tuts, and im REALLY hoping my computer cooperates!

♥Brandy MMB♥