Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Purple Illusion: a Black and White Base

HA! I found it. =D
Here I will only be showing the drawing version, and then linking the VIDEO I did. Which sucks, because my music was too loud so its a silent one. Whoo. but I did one! lol

In reality, step one involves putting on your foundation and stuff, then your primer, allowing 5 minutes for your primer to dry.
However, step one in the Tutorial starts here...

Step One: white base/black base
-Apply NYX in Milk, pat to blend, apply NYX black bean on outer corners, pat to blend. Layer if needed

Step Two: Pixie
-Pat on inner corner to the first third of the lid

Step Three: Bliss Junky
-Pat in middle third of lid, blending in with Pixie. Also pat on the crease, leaving room for the black to come

Step Four: Glitter Bitches
-Pat along lashline, thicker on outer corner. Along and above where you would put your liner. smudge a bit into crease.

Step Five: She Bop
-Pat/Swipe slightly above crease from outer corner, to a little past mid crease

Step Six: Bubble Gum Crisis
-Pat/Swipe from She Bop to inner corner, blending with she bop. Also above She bop, blending upward.

Step Seven: Kiss with a Fist
-Pat/Swipe on brow bone, blending with BGC, Also below bottom lash line at inner corner.

Step Eight: Liner
-Line lids with pencil liner first to darken liquid, using a felt tip liner: line from inner to outer thin to thick, winging on the outer edge. Extend inner corner down, following natural curve and line.

Step Nine: Brows, Second wing
-Make second wing but only take line 1/4 of the way in. UD 24/7 in Lust on waterline, again 1/4 of the way. Also, fill in brows if necessary.

Finished!! I wont post pics here since they're on the video, GO LOOK!!!

<3 Brandy MMB <3

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Deepest Apologies...

I am SO SORRY I haven't been around.
I had lost most of my internet access. and sorta said fuck it to getting anything done when i couldnt post anyways.
I have a ton to do around the house today, and desperately need to bleach my roots. But and Hoping to get this tutorial dug up and done today. If not... I watch the monster tomorrow and friday, hopefully will be gone over the weekend. So I can get it done next week.
ASAP i hopeeee! this one was a good one!

<3 Brandy MMB <3