Monday, April 30, 2012

Let the Giveaway begin!

Let me note as it says in the Terms and Conditions, that the prize code must be used within one month and one week of the win (as will be specified in an email). If you have no intentions of using the code in the shops, please do me and the other entrants a favor and DO NOT ENTER. It will be a waste of my time and the other entrants energies. Please and Thank you!

On to the Giveaway ;)

Random giveaway?

I think its time I did a giveaway. It wont be much, but it will be fun!! Since I am very near 50 followers (cool in my head) I think I will set one up in the coming days. Rafflecopter style, for hmm,,... how about a 50% off coupon code to either of my shops!?

Its not makeup related, but some of the qualifying questions may be! Along with questions concerning style, hair, and art! dont worry, most will be opinion and all i really need is that you answer. Sound fun?

Spread the word and lets get pumped!

<3 Brandy Backlash <3

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LOVE Voxbox Product Reviews Part 1

This is a quickie until I can get photos up later this evening.

Part 1! - Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Chocolate, Venus & Olay Razor, Stash Teas (some of the 9 flavors)

- Ghirardelli -
I am no stranger to this brand of chocolate, but I can say I never went for their plain milk chocolate before. Im a Pennsylvania girl born and bred, we eat Hersheys when we want milk chocolate. So I was a little,... Hesitant I guess? But boy was I wrong.
My first impression was amusement. The bar was large, and if you have ever had their individuals you will understand when i say the pieces that break off are BIG. Hersheys sizes are for babies after this.
It smelled like dark chocolate, thats probably the 32% cacao, but when i tasted it it was just simple creamy milk chocolate. Melty, like smooth silk chocolatey goodness!
5 out of 5 stars!!

- Venus & Olay Razor -
I am dubbing this the "Weekender" haha, I took it to the boyfriends for the weekend to test out. I didn't bring shave gel, but I didn't need it! This thing has 2 huge moisture chunks on it that immediately lay over your skin for a smooth nick free shave. Five blades! I didn't get cut once, which is a miracle for me.
My disappointments...its kinda bulky. Great for legs and pits but not the best for the bikini area. I'd say its good for the bikini line, but if you go Brazilian, it cant get those hard to reach areas. Maybe TMI but lets be honest here haha.
I also don't think it will last too long. I know you are only supposed to keep a razor for x amount of shaves but ill keep mine till it dies (with disinfecting dunks in between), razors are expensive! I feel for this one to last you will have to store it outside of the bathroom, upright to dry in between showers to save the moisturizer strips.
Great razor, great shave... maybe not the longest lasting or for "every" shave haha
I'd say 4 out of 5 stars.

-Stash Tea-

Oh my my my, I love me some herbal teas.
I love that the sampler box seems to have a flavor for everyone. Ranging from simple (peppermint, chammomile) that have just one ingredient, to complex (mango passionfruit, licorice spice)with many different flavors and ingredients. It also has mild, sweet, fruity, spicy, calming flavors. It is a perfect sampler, you obviously get a taste of every kind of flavor.
Now I have yet to try all of them, and can not try the raspberry (allergy), but what I've tried was great!
This never got finished... but heres what I had!

Makeupbee is where its all at

I have been lacking in posting photos everywhere... except makeupbee. Let me tell you why... has a program set in to select or add all the products you used. It has a database for it and everything! I find it easiest to post looks there and link them elsewhere. Like facebook, groups, and now here! This is My profile. This is what you have been missing:
<3 Brandy Backlash <3