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Madd Style Cosmetics Photo Tutorial: Jackie QR

If you read my last entry, This is for and named after my dear Jackie M ♥ As she requested a dupe tutorial for a look I had done. Sadly I didn't remember all the colors I used. I know the green for sure is different. I used Soylent Green in the original look. But wanted something brighter this time around.
The sketches for this tutorial are more... sketchy haha. I did them quicker than last ones. Please ignore this. Also as with any tutorial I do like this. The colors shown in the sketches may be quite different from the actual colors I use. This is because 1. I don't have exact colors to match, 2. It helps keep a difference between colors to help YOU see them.

Cosmetics (Mostly Madd Style) and Tools Used:
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (original)
  • MSC Awesome sauce (foiling serum)
  • MSC "Madd Piggiez" - Strange Potion, Boognish, Disco Biscuit, Ol'55, Xray Spex, Electric Koolaid, and Dr.Finklestein from the Nightmare Before Christmas Collection
  • Physicians Formula Felt Tip liner in Ultra Black
  • HIP Navy Pencil Liner
  • Small Eyeshadow Brush
  • Medium Semi-Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush
  • Medium Stiffness Angled Liner Brush
  • Medium Stiffness Crease Brush

STEP ONE: Clean Dry Primed Lids
I have no photos for this, this time around. I sort of found them pointless. You know what clean dry lids look like. This is where I apply some UDPP to my pointer finger, and apply a thin layer to both lids. Allow to dry 5 minutes or so. During this time I grab out everything I will need... and sometime dance around the room!

Here is a photo of the pigments and AS we will be using!

Step Two: NYX and Awesome sauce
Next, as I always do, We scribble some NYX milk on our lids. I like it REALLY white. Some use their fingers because they like a sheerer look. But for me, I like it bold, And a nice white base really makes the colors POP! I then pat (second picture) to blend, smudging at edges.

After that, Get a teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeensy bit of Awesome sauce on a finger tip. I rub this between my two pointer fingers. I then pat and smooth this on to my lids. You never want too much. Too much will crease and even sometime just make your piggies bead up. Weird. So I make sure I only put a little on at a time, patting more if needed. Then smoothing to assure myself that it doesn't bead up.
Foiling mediums used in this way help keep glitter on, and "foil" your pigments. Making them look bolder, brighter, and even more metallic!

Step Three: Make your Crease, Strange Potion
Strange potion is becoming a new fave for me. Its a soft orange with a wicked pink duochrome! So awesome sauce is perfect when using this. It brings out that shimmer of pink even more.
Using your angled liner brush, tap and pat on or slightly above your crease. This does not have to be perfect but it starts the outline to keep our cut crease CUT! Bring this down onto the ducts, as we will not be having a duct highlight for this look.

Step Four: Strange Potion
Using your stiffer eyeshadow brush, pat strange potion onto the inner 2/3 of your lid. After I do this I like to swipe a little more on, I find that with some pigments such as SP this brings out the chromeyness! (Which is so hard to capture on camera)

Step Five: Boognish
Boognish is a red toned orange with silver and aqua glitter *hugs* and I love it! Using the same eyeshadow brush you used for SP (but dusted off onto a clean towel or tissue) pat some Boognish onto the remaining 1/3 of the lid. Blend into the SP, but keep inside the lid.

Step Six: Disco Biscuit
"DISCO BISCUIT : a deep, primary blue with gorgeous teal undertones and a GROOVY amount of silver DISCO glitter!" - Said by Madd Style's Madd Scientist herself, Mo Love! And oh is it true. Using that brush, pat a small amount ABOVE the crease from outer corner to middle. This is just to assure that this section will stay darker.

Step Seven: Ol'55
Ol'55, which I used last Tutorial. Is .... *drools*... tasty. Its quite literally the perfect most absolutely amazing aqua color. Still using the same brush (cleaned off again obviously!) Pat some from outer corner to inner corner. Going above DB and down above SP. DO NOT BLEND IN ANYWHERE. Don't worry about harsh lines. We want some of those, We will rid ourselves of some later. The only place you are allowed to blend here is into DB.

Step Eight and Nine: Xray Spex, Disco Biscuit Gets Wet O.o
Xray spex is described as "a super soft neutral color perfect for highlight! Loaded with colorful shimmer and a pink duo chrome iridescence." It also is quite sparkly! and is one of my favorites as a neutral highlight or blender. Which is how we are using it here.
Now switching to the fluffier eyeshadow brush, take some xray spex and blend Ol'55 upward, softening the edges. When this is finished, take some more and build it up a little on the brow bone to highlight. This is not shown in an actual photo step. Because I am a doof.
Also, We are going to take Disco Biscuit wet to crisp up that cut crease. Using your angled liner brush dampened (I use eye drops), take some DB and re-line your crease. Keeping everything nice and clean. Then blend this upward into Ol'55.

Step Ten: NYX Milk Reappears!
Using a makeup wipe clean off your angled liner brush, and set the wipe aside, you will be cleaning it again. (unless you have multiple angled liner brushes of a similar stiffness.)
Rub the angled liner brush against the tip of the Milk pencil, loading it up. Then apply under your eye on the lower lashline. The thickness here will determine how thick your green will be. This isn't necessary, it just makes the pig pop! Extend out and up to where you want to position the purple as well. Clean up edges with finger or makeup wipe.

Step Eleven: Dr.Finklestien
I have to admit I avoided using this pigment because in the pot in seems on the duller side of greens. And I am far from a dull type of person. But holy shit I was wrong dude. Its just as described in the listing. A shimmery Primary green with Royal purple glitter. And its awesome.
Using the crease brush, pat Dr.F on the lower lash line. Be sure to leave a gap for that purple wing that's coming! if you need to add more later to fill in gaps you may of course!

Step Twelve: Electric Koolaid
You remembered to use that wipe and clean off the angled liner brush right? You didn't? I'll wait. Do that now...

Okay, Clean? Good. Now we take whatever you like to use to wet your pigments again, and Electric Koolaid. EK is a gorgeous purple with super vivid blue shimmer. For this I like my pigment not to be used damp like we did DB, but wet like a liquid liner. So I set a drop of eye drops onto the back of my hand, and mix in small amounts of EK until I get the right pigmentation and consistency.
Then take that angled liner brush and make a swipe from the corner outward where you want to place the wing. I do it right at the corner so I have room to line up my top liner later. I build upon this sometimes if it doesn't go on dark enough.
During this step I also lined my waterline with the HIP liner.

Step Thirteen: Finish
Now I take my Felt tip liner, and line my top lashline, winging outward and lining it up against the edge of the purple wing so from a distance it appears to be one. I also bring it down into an inner wing to give it more of a cat eye appearance. I blended this into my lower lash line slightly. So there isn't a harsh stop of liner.

And VOILA! The Jackie QR ;)

Till next time everyone!
♥ Brandy MMB ♥

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  1. Great look and tutorial Brandy, it's so helpful! I miss seeing your looks on facebook! :)